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Thanks for stopping by to see what we’re up to!

Say hello to our first product:
Clever Camper Foot Rest Cushion
for Zero Gravity Chairs

Foot Rest Cushion for Zero Gravity Chairs with model

A little back story is appropriate here: In case you weren’t aware, this product was born out of our own frustration and dissatisfaction. Essentially, we developed it in order to “scratch our own itch”, if you will.

We’ve owned Zero Gravity chairs for several years, since we started full-time RVing in 2017. We found from the beginning that we always struggled to be truly comfortable in them because of the pain in our feet and legs caused by that footrest bar.

Most of the time when we used the chairs, we were just lounging around and not wearing shoes…especially in summer. So that metal bar really started causing us problems.

But even when I did have shoes on, I also wanted to be able to stretch my legs out ALL the way which meant that the backs of my legs (achilles tendon area) was pressed against that small metal bar.

The pain in the feet and legs, depending on how we were sitting, always required us to frequently keep switching positions and moving our legs around to alleviate the pain.

Needless to say, not ideal for a truly relaxing and enjoyable afternoon or evening of lounging around.

And so…we did something about it.

Foot Rest Cushion for Zero Gravity Chairs full image with chair

Mmmmmm….now doesn’t that look comfy?!! (Trust me, it is. I’ve tested. Extensively. I’m very thorough.)

Wait A Second…You’re Saying NOBODY has made a product like this before??

In this modern age where we have dozens of choices in just about any product category your pretty little brain can come up with, I was just certain that someone had developed a product like this before.

I mean, it was almost inconceivable that this literal “pain point” had not driven someone to create a great fix.

So I searched. Then I searched some more. Then I slept. Then I ate. Then I searched a bit more.

And believe it or not, I discovered that this product type simply did not exist anywhere in the known universe. Whaaaaa??? I know, it’s almost too much to absorb. But I’m telling you it’s true.

(*Disclaimer: It may exist in some dark corner of the interwebs or in a back alley novelties shop in Scranton, PA. I can’t say for sure. All I can say is that I couldn’t find it when I needed it. And I really needed it, and I looked long and hard.)

What type of materials is the Clever Camper Co. Cushion made of?

Here’s a quick rundown of what comprises this fantastic little piece of heaven that measures 15.75 inches in length with a diameter of 3.15 inches:

  • Inside is thick, high quality NBR foam to give your feet and legs that “I really belong here and please don’t kick me out” kind of feel. Essentially, this is the type of foam that will pamper you but also maintain its cushion properties for the long-term. (This goes way beyond pool noodle material, just so you know.)
  • Outside the NBR foam is an enclosed casing of 600D Oxford nylon cloth. This is the perfect cloth for this chore because it’s plenty durable so that it can endure wear and tear, but at the same time not coarse enough that it will cause any skin irritation on your feet or legs.
  • Running the full length of the cushion, in order to attach it securely to your Zero Gravity chair, are hook and loop fastener strips (can’t say that “other” word or the BRAND will sue my keister).

Foot Rest Cushion for Zero Gravity Chairs in natural setting

Foot Rest Cushion for Zero Gravity Chairs with plant

It’s the RESULTS from using this Foot Rest Cushion that really speak so loud: Comfort and relaxation.

That’s what we have experienced and we are confident you will experience it as well if you give it a shot.

It’s a simple solution with remarkable results! And I love that combination.

Foot Rest Cushion for Zero Gravity Chairs showing fastener

We Are Open to Your Feedback…

I know this for sure: There are a LOT of you out there that have been frustrated with this same “pain point” on Zero Gravity chairs. We are most definitely not alone in dealing with that issue.

Foot Rest Cushion for Zero Gravity Chairs stack of 3

If you’ve been nodding your head vigorously as I’ve described the problem and revealed this possible solution, let me know what you think! It would seriously make my day to hear from you and I would welcome any and all feedback you are willing to provide. Just shoot an email to todd [at] clevercamper [dot] co .

THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with us.
It is absolutely awesome having you here!